Kellands has been celebrating success after sealing a debut deal in Australia for the new Multidrive XT.

The high-performance load-carrier is currently being used for spreading duties by Tasmanian farmer Toby Caithness.

Kellands director of sales and marketing, Keith Pashley said: “Australia is an important market for us so it’s great to get the first machine up and running. Toby is very pleased with the performance of his machine and we are confident this early success will kick-start sales in the country.”

Designed to meet the needs of controlled traffic farming (CTF) systems, the new Multidrive XT series machines feature wider width axles that allow users to set track widths from between 2.2m to 3.0m to match individual requirements.

To ensure the XT series retains the excellent traction, smooth ride and contour following abilities which are synonyms with Multidrive, Kelland’s design engineers have developed a new Articul-air suspension system.  

The system allows the wider front axle to articulate freely whilst still maintaining the self-levelling characteristics and considerably reducing stresses on the chassis and suspension system. 

The Multidrive XT series also sees an increase in horsepower to 225hp to ensure the 10,000kg load carrying and 18,000kg hauling capacities are retained.

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