Kellands has put the spotlight on its new 2015-spec Agribuggy A280 self-propelled sprayer at Cereals Show.

Previewed at last year’s event, the Agribuggy’s innovative new design is the culmination of a two-year research and development programme that has produced a suite of features to boost comfort, power and fuel-efficiency.

The enhancements ensure the machine offers the highest power-to-weight ratio and lowest fuel consumption in its class, and can reach places other machines can’t thanks to its low ground-pressure and positive mechanical driveline.

Key features of the 2015-spec model include:

  • A new style Curved glass cab with 360-degree visibility, tinted glass, and greater space for greater comfort, visibility and safety
  • A high-performance Cummins diesel engine delivers greater power and higher torque at low revs and ensures the Agribuggy A280 still offers the best fuel-economy and power-to-weight ratio on the market. By dispensing with a cam-belt the engine has lower servicing and maintenance costs
  • A positive mechanical drive system delivers greater torque and grip, less wheel-spin, and power transfer up to 25 per cent more efficient than a hydrostatic machine
  • Outstanding fuel efficiency. Average consumption is around 70 litres-a-day compared with between 150 and 200 litres per day for large hydrostatic sprayers
  • An Ergonomic ‘floating’ control console (pictured below) which moves with the motion of the seat and has been laid out for comfort and ease of use with a high-definition  7-inch full-colour display
  • Generous height clearance when fitted with large-diameter row-crop wheels, which ensure a large surface contact area for maximum flotation
  • Low centre of gravity and perfect 50/50 weight distribution for maximum stability and traction
  • A multifunction joystick ensures precise fingertip control of four-wheel steering, cruise control, master sprayer controls, and manual override of the automatic transmission
  • A new cruise control system improves fuel efficiency and reduces operator input
  • Aluminium booms as standard for strength and longevity while maintaining lightness and stability. Booms are available up to 30m working widths
  • And 2,700 litre tank capacity with a gel-coated inner lining for easy-cleaning

Kellands Director of Sales and Marketing Keith Pashley said: “The new Agribuggy offers a range of new features which will boost fuel economy, reliability, and power while remaining true to the machine’s core strengths as a manoeuvrable, low-weight, high-performance sprayer.”

Kellands showcases the 2015-spec Agribuggy at Cereals Show header image