Offers outstanding performance and enhanced visibility with a 360-degree tinted glass cab offering the best in comfort, precision and safety.


The new Multidrive FC is fitted with a John Deere 195hp 6 cylinder 6.8L PowerTech engine. Rigorously tested by John Deere’s installation engineers, a new cooling pack reduces power requirements to give improved fuel economy and reduced noise levels. A reversible cooling fan can be used to blow out any build up of dust in the radiator.


A ZF fully automatic transmission provides 6 forward and 3 reverse speeds, with single lever control, shuttle shift capability and manual override.The torque converter is equipped with lockup in all forward gears.

Axles & Suspension

Rugged mechanical axles (equipped with electronic diff locks) provide a safe maximum speed of 50km/h and come with none of the reliability concerns associated with hydraulic wheel motors. Front and rear load compensating air suspension comes as standard, providing an excellent ride in the field and on the road, both when fully laden or empty.


Dual circuit inboard wet brakes provide more than enough braking capacity to stop the fully laden Multidrive FC quickly and safely. Braking is further improved by the machines excellent weight distribution whilst tank baffles prevent liquid surge under braking. Pentatonic all wheel steering with “on the move” engage/disengage ensures there is control for any situation. Modes include 2 wheel, 4 wheel, delay and crab steer.


The Multidrive Generation III cab provides a 360 degree field of view. Climate contolled air conditioning and carbon filters, ensures the operator is comfortable in all conditions.

Robust Stainless Steel Tank

3000-5000 litre stainless steel spray tank with 500 litres of clean water capacity. Located between the axles for perfect weight distribution, all Chafer tanks are extremely durable and stable thanks to their stainless steel construction and internal baffles. Stainless steel provides a perfectly smooth nonporous surface which reduces the build up of chemical residue. This minimises the time taken and the amount of liquid required when rinsing.


Utilising a high capacity centrifugal pump, 3” suction and 2” pressure plumbing, the Multidrive has the ability to achieve both high rate liquid fertiliser applications and low rate precision chemical applications.


The Multidrive F380 is available with boom widths ranging from 24-40 metres. Both the bi-fold and triple fold booms are well proven and have helped hundreds of growers maximise their crop potential, through fewer crop wheelings, minimised compaction and more timely spray applications. Chafer Contour Automatic boom levelling is available as an option.

Boom Suspension

In addition to the Multidrive’s air suspension, the booms are equipped with suspension and damping for bounce, yaw and tilt, protecting the boom and providing a stable ride in all field conditions.


The Multidrive F380 unit can be fitted with either a Chafer Spray pack or a granular fertiliser spreader equipped with its own bag lift.These units can be swapped quickly using a set of demount legs (optional).

Automatic Spray controller

A choice of automatic spray rate controls and GPS guidance systems are available on the Multidrive, offering auto section control, guidance, variable rate application and auto steer are specifiable options, allowing ever increasing accuracy and automation. 

Chassis 3.8 metre wheel base
Purpose built ladder type with DOMEX high tensile steel C-Sections & bolted cross members
6-point quick-attach implement mounting system
Engine John Deere 6-cylinder 6.8 litre PowerTech with reversible hydraulic fan with reverse for cleaning
195 hp/144 kw @ 2000 r.p.m
785Nm/579 lb/ft @ 1500 r.p.m
Transmission ZF 6WG160 fully automatic with torque converter lock-up & manual over-ride
Six forward & three reverse gears operated with single lever control
Electrically operated 2/4WD select
Lockable centre diff and parking brake
Axles Heavy duty front and rear steering with switch operated differential locks
Planetary reduction hubs and dual circuit power operated multi-plate oil immersed brakes
72” – 80” track
Steering Pentronic 5-function Four-Wheel-Steering system
2WS, 4WS,
Crab, Delay-1 & Delay-2
Suspension A-frame trailing arm front and H-frame trailing arm rear
Load sensitive air suspension front & rear
Heavy duty shock absorbers
Hydraulic system Load sensing 45cc + 33cc gear pump. PTO output with in-cab controls
1 x D/A spool valve, diverter valve & kit to suit implement electro-hydraulic system
Side mounted oil tank with filter & gauge
Cab Generation III front-mounted cab with all-round tinted glass for panoramic vision
Climate controlled air conditioning with carbon filters
Stereo/CD player
KAB air suspension seat with lap belt & arm rests
Adjustable steering column
AMC digital dash instrument display
Control console with 12v power socket for implement control gear
Buddy seat and storage locker
6 LED work lights
Aerolite twin LED flashing beacon
Large electrically adjustable side mirrors on adjustable arms
Wide/deep anti-slip access steps
Additional Engine cover with gullwing side access panels
7.5 cfm Air compressor kit – side mounted air tank & dryer system
300 litre side mounted fuel tank
Front & rear road lights
Front mudguards
7-pin trailer lighting socket at rear
Tyre & fixed center wheels Michelin Multibib 540/65 R30
Michelin Axiobib 620/75 R30
Michelin Axiobib 650/75 R30
Michelin MachXbib 710/55 R30
Alliance 385 18.4 R34
Michelin Multibib 600/65 R34
Michelin Agribib 380/90 R46
Michelin SprayBib 380/90 R46
Optional equipment Uprated hydraulic systems and oil coolers.
Additional hydraulic spool valves.
Range of drawbars or hydraulic pick-up hitches.
Hydraulic and/or air trailer brake systems.
Alternative mudguards to suit particular wheels & tyres.
Galvanized chassis finish.
Stainless steel fuel & hydraulic tanks.
Load capacity 10,000kg including implement & product
18,000kg Hauling Capacity
Maximum speed 50 km/h