Henk-Jan Boelens, Dutch turf supplier

Based in Borger in the Netherlands, Henk-Jan Boelens runs Dutch turf-care specialist Boelens Graszoden. He sells pristine rolled turf to customers – spraying around 1700 acres a year. He also farms around 75 acres of corn and sugar beet.

Turf quality is everything for Henk-Jan Boelens so finding a productive, low ground-pressure sprayer that does not mark the ground or damage the grass was essential to his business success.

He sprays the turf at least twice a year with fungicide, twice more with herbicide, and finally with liquid fertiliser to produce the perfect turf.

He began his search for a suitable machine on Youtube, checking out Kellands’ Agribuggy A280 and seeing how its light weight and exceptional manoeuvrability would be ideal for his operation.

He purchased the machine from Pool-Agri, Kellands distribution partner which is based in Vroomshoop, Holland.

Henk-Jan said: “The weight of the Agribuggy is very low and that was exactly what we were looking for – particularly when compared to other sprayers which are all very heavy.

“The tyres are suitable for low bar pressure and we drive it with an air pressure of just 0.6 bar. It delivers a low impact on the soil which is crucial for us.

“The weight distribution of the Agribuggy is exceptional and so much better that rear-mounted sprayers which put a lot of pressure on the back axle.”

Manoeuvrability and ease-of-use are also key factors for Henk-Jan who wanted a machine with a smooth learning curve and make tight turns in the field without marking the grass.

He explained: “One of the main advantages of the Agribuggy is that you only need to open the door and you’re ready to go. It’s also highly manoeuvrable and you can turn quickly and sharply. It’s very good working in corners and tight environments.

“The controls are simple, intuitive and easy to use and the tough-screen control system is also very intuitive and is easy-to-master. It is a very well designed system.”

Henk-Jan’s Agribuggy A280 features the latest Gen III cab technology including: 360-degree curved glass; a floating control console; a spacious working environment with air suspension KAB seating and an active carbon-filtration system.

Designed to boost visibility, comfort and precision, the Gen III cab enables Henk-Jan to work longer, harder and safer.

He explained: “The space in the cab is excellent and I really like the visibility. You get a great view ahead, and of the sprayer arms, and that makes it so much easier to work precisely for long periods.”

So would Henk-Jan recommend the Agribuggy to others?

He said: “I have been very happy with the purchase and with the support I have received from Pool-Agri so everything is going well.”

“The Agribuggy is very flexible and its weight distribution is ideal. For me it really is the ultimate self-propelled sprayer for grass-seed roll harvesting.”

For more information on the Agribuggy, please go to: http://www.kellands.co.uk/agribuggy/_product/1/agribuggy-a280

For more information on Pool-Agri, please visit the website: http://www.pool-agri.com/en/