Since its launch in 1986, Kellands has led the way in quality, innovation and reliability – forging an enviable reputation as a blue-chip manufacturer of high-performance crop sprayers, spreaders, and specialist industrial machines.

Innovation lies at the heart of the company’s success, inspiring Kellands to create a new breed of weight-efficient, mechanical-drive sprayers and spreaders that deliver greater safety, productivity and fuel efficiency compared with traditional, hydrostatic machine.

Outstanding features pioneered by Kellands include: 

  • A high-performance positive mechanical drive system which delivers greater torque and grip, less wheel-spin, and power transfer up to 25 per cent more efficient than a hydrostatic machine
  • A Low-centre of gravity weight-efficient design which delivers outstanding fuel economy and perfect 50/50 weight distribution for maximum stability and traction. Average consumption for an Agribuggy is around 70 litres-a-day compared with between 150 and 200 litres per day for rival hydrostatic sprayers
  • Low-ground pressure enables Kellands sprayers to thrive in wet conditions where traditional sprayers and spreaders would struggle, giving longer access to crop fields and creating more opportunities for work
  • A height clearance of 750mm, (when fitted with large-diameter row-crop wheels), ensures a large surface contact area for maximum flotation
  • And a 360-degree high-visibility cab ensures enhanced safety, precision and comfort

Kellands prides itself on providing customers with everything they need for successful, cost-effective, and productive spraying and spreading.